Inspection Micro Scope Tool Kit


This product is a portable, video microscope used to inspect all kinds of fiber optic terminations, especially for the female ones. It eliminates the need to access the backside of patch panels or disassemble hardware devices prior to inspection. 3.5’’ TFT 220k Pixels LCD, 250 magnification, USB output, data stored.


Length x Width x Height (cm) 29.40 x 4.32 x 17.78
Weight 0.3 Ib. / 0.14 kg
Camera Type 0.33inch CCD
Video Output PAL/NTSC USB2.0
Light Source Blue LED, 100,000 + hrs life

LCD Display

Dimensions (3.7"± W) x (4.17"± H) x (1.37"± D)
Weight 0.3 Ib. / 0.14 kg
Video Display 3.5"±TFT Active Matri x 2.2 million pixels
Power Sourcet Input AC, Output 110-240 V DC, 12.6V
Working Time Continuous Working Time >8 hrs
Charging Time 4hrs