Fiber Optic Terminus(MIL-PRF-29504/4D)

특징 Feature

Fiber Optic Pin Terminus(MIL-PRF-29504/4D) from Fostec is designed to connect into a pin/socket by physical contact. Fostec’s unique alignment techniques maximize optical performance and provide Reliable.

Specification Fiber Optic Terminus(Standard : MIL-PRF-29504/4D)

  • fixed_attenuatorSize 16 Fiber Optic Pin Terminus
  • fixed_attenuator Size 16 Fiber Optic Socket Terminus

규격 Specification

파트 넘버 섬유 크기 코어/클래딩 * A Dia(㎛) 참고
F1000-513SMPI 9/125 (싱글모드) 125 M29504/4-4207
F1000-517SMPI 125.5 M29504/4-4208
파트 넘버 섬유 크기 코어/클래딩 * A Dia(㎛) 참고
F1000-513SMSO 9/125 (싱글모드) 125 M29504/5-4236
F1000-517SMSO 125.5 M29504/5-4237